VF TUNER Released

- Fix Flash issue - 992kb files support msg (Flasher)
- Update Flasher - Clear screen on exit
- Multiple new 3UR-FBE and 3UR-FE ECUs Supported
- Sequoia/LX/LC 3UR Support
- 2019 0CP70 0CP80 Tundra Full support
- Generation 2 Phase 5 ECU TCU Read And Flash Now Supported
- Generation 2 Phase 5 TCU Read and Upload Functionality
- Generation 2 Phase 5 TCU Brick Recovery Functionality
- Generation 2 Phase 5 ECU Brick Recovery Functionality - Update
- Resources folder (inside installation folder) includes Tuning PDFs - will be continually updated
- Tacoma 4.0L Manual Transmission 2009+ Support Updated
- Other useful changes
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Tunes for 2nd Gen Tacoma?

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  • Tunes for 2nd Gen Tacoma?

    Seen the other threads in this discussion but they all seem to point to the 4runners. I'm curious about the 4.0L in the 2nd gen Tacoma. Are there any plans to support them in the near future?

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    we have 2nd Gen Tacoma release scheduled for early 2021, after we finish the Tundra release.


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      Thanks for the response!

      Just out of curiosity, are the ECU ID's as easy as the 3rd gen Tacoma (easy to understand which ECU ID applies to which MY) or are they similar to the Tundra (having significantly more ECU ID's)? That's one reason I've wanted to stay away from tuning Tundra's.


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        Any chance this is coming out soon?


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          Following. Own a 2015 Acces Cab 4.0L SR5 with 4x4