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4.0L Major calibration overhaul - info

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  • 4.0L Major calibration overhaul - info

    Hey folks, now that we have the 3 major platforms supported in VF Tuner that have a 1GR-FE (4Runner, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser) we will be doing a major overhaul to the calibration tables.
    What does this mean?
    More tables will be available for these vehicles:
    - expanded idle control - things like RPM / Idle ignition trims
    - Expanded knock / ignition control
    - Expanded Transmission / solenoid control
    - limiter tables

    and much more.
    (this also goes for the GX460 since the calibration is so similar just has 2 extra cylinders)

    While we are working on this, we want to hear from you guys doing 4.0L tuning what is something you want / need developed to help you get the best calibration you can.

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    THings I've encountered in on the 4.0L 1GRFE that need help:

    - How to calibrate MAF for the short trim and long trim fuel % to stay betweeen -2% to 2% (do we need that, please Correct if Im wrong)
    - How to take advantage of VVTI and Dual VVTI
    - Need to learn how to control Shifting when there is no Primary Shifting Tables
    - How to calibrate the MAF or AFR when adding CAI and/or Decatting Exhaust.
    - How to detect knock on the VF datalogger.

    Really interested this to be on some course or training at least. Willing to pay for it, in order to gain that knowledge.


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      Let’s get some decel tables