VF TUNER Released

- Fix Flash issue - 992kb files support msg (Flasher)
- Update Flasher - Clear screen on exit
- Multiple new 3UR-FBE and 3UR-FE ECUs Supported
- Sequoia/LX/LC 3UR Support
- 2019 0CP70 0CP80 Tundra Full support
- Generation 2 Phase 5 ECU TCU Read And Flash Now Supported
- Generation 2 Phase 5 TCU Read and Upload Functionality
- Generation 2 Phase 5 TCU Brick Recovery Functionality
- Generation 2 Phase 5 ECU Brick Recovery Functionality - Update
- Resources folder (inside installation folder) includes Tuning PDFs - will be continually updated
- Tacoma 4.0L Manual Transmission 2009+ Support Updated
- Other useful changes
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Development questions

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  • Development questions

    I have a couple questions:

    It has been mentioned that the TCU is controlled separately, Will Orange Virus be releasing a transmission management system for the 4Runner?

    Is it possible to dictate max RPM?

    Is it possible to remove the governor?

    Is it possible to make a burble tune?

    I just purchased the software and I want to be able to make a lot of different maps for different necessities. Please help me if you could.

  • #2

    if vF Tuner can get into the TCU, we will definitely be releasing TCU support.

    you can modify max RPM, but it may still be limited by the transmission.

    Governor, yes

    burble, can't help with that.


    • Runner_4_DRT
      Runner_4_DRT commented
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      Awesome. What is safe do you think as far as maxing rpm? Is it dangerous to push the transmission to the max for testing?

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    I would be happy to try it even without TCU maps because anything better than stock is good.


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      Is the 4Runner knock detection sensor available in tuning? I cannot seem to find it. Will it be necessary to get a separate knock detection device?