VF TUNER Released

- Fix Flash issue - 992kb files support msg (Flasher)
- Update Flasher - Clear screen on exit
- Multiple new 3UR-FBE and 3UR-FE ECUs Supported
- Sequoia/LX/LC 3UR Support
- 2019 0CP70 0CP80 Tundra Full support
- Generation 2 Phase 5 ECU TCU Read And Flash Now Supported
- Generation 2 Phase 5 TCU Read and Upload Functionality
- Generation 2 Phase 5 TCU Brick Recovery Functionality
- Generation 2 Phase 5 ECU Brick Recovery Functionality - Update
- Resources folder (inside installation folder) includes Tuning PDFs - will be continually updated
- Tacoma 4.0L Manual Transmission 2009+ Support Updated
- Other useful changes
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    Originally posted by Daniel Tamayo View Post
    Hello, I have a 4runner 2014 with ID 335D1000 when I start preparing ecu I get an error and it tells me to select from the folder (c), but I don't know which of the 4 IDs to choose, try with 35F30 and it still has an error and I send mail to support I'm still waiting any answer someone who can help me i am new to vftunner. I also bought from curious from vin for the same vehicle but I cannot buy the ID of the same because I cannot read the ecu
    4runner ECUs cannot be read via software, they are bench-read only
    also, attempting to flash a file for a different ecu could possibly result in a bricked ecu


    • Daniel Tamayo
      Daniel Tamayo commented
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      So you are saying that vftunner does not support 4runner. Before acquiring the vftunner software I sent an email asking if it supported now I am very disappointed in vftunner if it is true that it does not support it. Or vftunner sends me a calibration for my vin and could I just access my ID and pay the 4 tokens?

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    Only the 4 ECUs currently with stock files in the vF Tuner stock file directory on your pc currently have support.

    Hopefully, more support comes with the forthcoming 1.3 update. Mat has said as much.

    That said, it does not guarantee support for your specific ecu, because Mat needs the files first in order to develop support


    • Frank
      Frank commented
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      Just few fortunate guys that can play with their stock files at least.

    • tonered
      tonered commented
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      It will get expanded in time.

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    Originally posted by mZiggy View Post

    Look one post above yours
    can't find it on the website for availability.


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      Originally posted by Downytide View Post

      can't find it on the website for availability.
      Because they're not available. The comment that I'd quoted was your response to Mat saying that the next version release would have the packs and stuff. They're not out yet.