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Gen2 ECU Version Force Flash Recovery

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    Originally posted by BortisYeltzen View Post
    This is not helpful. KD tunes have all been converted to VFC since and have been following all of VFTuner Mat’s best practices. All files created, exported, saved in vF should be safe as far as flashing goes. If they are not, it doesn’t seem fair to blame the “tune” for using “save” or “export”. If vft’s are an issue, we have a problem as most stock files are vft’s.

    Issues where customers attempt to flash the wrong KDM tune to their ECU is also not a fault of the “tune”. That is user error.
    Tread very lightly.

    This is your warning.
    2017 ACLB Sport 6MT BR - 04B14 Ultimate Test Tune on 92
    TSB PDFs are at / Click on Recalls, search by make and model (not VIN), and then click on Manufacturer Communications
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      Lets not get out of hand here.

      The issue is not VFT or VFC.
      There are many possible causes for a flash failure.
      1. battery voltage
      2. bumping the cable
      3. ECU rejects a packet. This could be for literally any reason or no reason.
      4. corrupted file / corrupted packet
      5. bad usb cable
      6. loose connection
      7. Corrupted terminals on the ECU (This issue is more likely on 16-17-18 trucks from what we have seen)

      Regarding KDMax files issue / bricking:
      Some of the files KDMax made on an older version may have an issue with corruption. This is an *if* as we haven't gone through each file to verify. They are aware how to fix that and the best method is remaking their files. I believe that is what they are doing.

      Regardless, this would be an older ECU issue only. 04C21 was only ever released as VFC.


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        To update this I'm testing a 2018+ 2.0mb on the desk right now to verify again our force flash works problem free for them too.


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          Any update on this last testing of a 2018+ ?


          • VFTuner
            VFTuner commented
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            Yes. An update will be posted this evening.

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 version will be available any minute.
          Should fix force recovery on 2018+ models / 2.0mb ECUs.


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            Nice! Thanks for pushing it further for a resolution.


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              Will this updated recovery tool be able to recover a failed TSB ECU update? I’ve seen the question asked before but have never seen a definitive answer. Very curious.


              • VFTuner
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                yes it should be able to. But you will have to flash it with the previous version file.

                So for example if you are 04B03 updating to 04B04 and it fails, you have to flash 04B03.

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              Okay that makes sense! Thank you. The main thing holding me back from the whole process has been the fear of bricking during an ECU update before being able to flash tunes.

              Sounds like this new recovery tool may be the safety net I need to make the jump into purchasing VF. Much appreciated as always.