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Pinging at low speeds

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  • Pinging at low speeds

    I have an mt and I’m on 35s 04b13 2.0 tune with no other alterations to the tune other than changing all of the acis points to 3400. The truck pushes them well but if I lug say in second gear around 1500 or so rpm I get audible pinging. I have yet to log this but I just wondered if anybody else has the same issue. It happens a lot while driving in town and it makes me cringe everytime. It will continue until around 2000 rpm I am running 87 octane at the moment
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    when you say audible pinging, are you hearing like a "diesel" engine sound? rata tat tat type sound?


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      MooseDitty17 im sorry I haven’t been on here in months but no it’s not that severe just sounds like the normal rattling like marbles bouncing around really fast. Almost like jingle bells sped up 100 times if that makes sense haha