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  • Idle Speed Adjusment

    Hello, I need and want to increase my idle speed a little bit to have better control over my fuel injectors, if is possible to do it changing the temperatures and target on the Cold Start Idle Target 2d Table"? VFTuner

    Also, are those values F or C?

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    Update your software those axises are fixed and can be edited


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      VFTuner i know those pictures are from and earlie version, my question is if is possible to adjust the idle speed of the engine after it reach the operational temp? Also i need to know if those are degrees in C or F. Thanks for help


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        Did you ever figure out how to raise the idle? I’m looking to do this as well. Also, looking to figure out how to remove the 1500rpm hang when coming to a stop, clutch in, no throttle.


        • Fher_Raul
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          I remove like 75% using the lower or negative timing on the lowest load column after 3000rpm, basically like a crackle map