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DTC and boost controller question

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  • DTC and boost controller question

    It seems like I'm the only one asking questions in this section....

    Anybody have an easy way to disable DTC on those cars?
    I'm pretty sure it's in ERRM-DTC Management but I can't find a way to find codes in there, it doesn't seems to have a ling to a DTC Code

    My other question is about boost control.
    One of my client has a AEM TruBoost (as asked by SFR when they tuned him and, surprise, their tune sucked and never worked correctly)
    I'm getting all sorts of CEL since the boost controller has been removed and the BPV Controller as well (hooked up directly to the manifold)
    I was thinking of keeping boost in open loop to keep the ECU kind of happy, anybody tried that?
    The customer is around 1h-1.5h from my shop so I'm trying to fix everything in the tune before he comes

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    I wish I had some answers for you, I have similar questions myself. I think they are putting a guide together but the release date is TBD.
    My Genesis had a crap tune on it (ran rich, only got 17.5 M.P.G, many odd drivability issues) I flashed the stock base tune that came with VF Tuner and it made a HUGE difference ( much smother, AFR is perfect and I now get 25 M.P.G) going beyond that I am a bit lost. I hope that a knowledgeable soul will come visit the Hyundai forums soon.


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      Last time I asked about the guide, they told me 5 to 10 days. It was almost 2 months ago...
      I'm using continental ecu documentation to find what I'm looking for but it's quite complicated.
      I'm finding more and more stuff but I still can't find an afr target table or boost target table...
      I'm not new with reflashes but this one is quite something.
      I asked to add the IDs to the DTC management, this would help pinpointing dtc codes to something more specific than hundreds of time the same table name... I'm looking forward the implementation of that.


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        Is there someone who knows how can I change ignition timing for making pops and bangs. I know that this damage the engine and turbo but, if we can't do even a pops and bangs that's just changing timing, how can we make a complete tune???


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          Hi, next time, please create a new thread for that!
          In Ignition - Basic Ignition Control
          The two tables there, in the first column, put negative timing where you want your pops and bangs.
          There's probably another place to do something since, in the case of my client, when we did that, the rpm jumped from time to time, probably another reference table somewhere that I missed.
          Start with something like -8 degrees and play around