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Suckerpunch Motorsports LLC 2016 RCF Build

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  • Suckerpunch Motorsports LLC 2016 RCF Build

    Time to the get party started!!

    We are finally getting to a point where we will be sharing what's going on behind our closed doors, as it shouldnt be much longer. This build is a huge step up for the 2015-2017 RCF /GSF/ and eventually LC500. If the ECU is programmable for the new IS500, we hope to support it as well.

    As of right now, this is the current setup, not really that much different than others out there, however, things are changing drastically. With new product development, and we have a quite a few pieces, we believe we will get the platform headed in an even more positive direction.

    Current power mods: (since we are not worried about suspension, body parts, wings, or anything else on this post)

    Suckerpunch Motorsports Full dual 3 inch exhaust with a 3.5 inch single section. ( Reason for the size, is because we wanted to offer a better flowing exhaust for the FI community)

    PPE UEL Headers

    Custom intake w/BMC filter (not a final production piece)

    She made 402rwhp stock and 438rwhp on a Mustang Dyno with those mods, and this is again is without any tuning.

    Current Power Plans:

    HighSpark Coils from OTL Loi (He's been posting some excellent results with these coils, also on tr he tuning side of things, so looking forward to using them)

    Fuel system for E85 ( who doesnt like 🌽🌽 )

    Breathing and cooling mods ( making sure she's ready for the track, especially COTA)

    Thermostat 165-170° (Help get the coolant flowing earlier)

    I'm leaving some mods out purposely, so that we get them to them tested first, and then into the production phase, once we are happy with results.

    Thanks for being a part of the journey.

    Click image for larger version

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    Mods setup looks really good. Cant wait to see the results on this RCF car.


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      For the fuel system, it would be ideal to convert to a return style fuel system for boosted applications.

      When I went E85 on my NA RCF, I had sent out the stock fuel pump to get it flow tested. The stock RCF fuel pump is indeed a Walbro450 unit from factory. This would be plenty for E85 NA applications. However, I did upgrade my fuel pump to the Walbro 525lph F9000285. The Hellcat fuel pump is not exactly plug and play. You'll need to modify it to fit.

      I can provide you test flow data by email if you want on the stock RCF fuel pump.



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        Thanks Loi, I appreciate it. I'll send you my email on IG.

        I'm looking a few options fueling wise, although I'm not sure what the stock ECU can handle injector size wise. I'll definitely keep this thread updated of any developments we make.

        Did you upgrade the fuel pump on the Nitrous ISF you just tuned?