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  • Lexus RCF - GSF - ISF

    Upcoming information for lexus RCF / GSF/ ISF tuning

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    Anything new for the 2UR, or the truck guys keeping you busy?


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      Originally posted by LoSt180 View Post
      Anything new for the 2UR, or the truck guys keeping you busy?
      upcoming for the 2UR-GSE

      - Australian market support
      - LC500 Support (2018MY)

      and a few table updates. The more people who use the software and contribute to what they need, the more updates will come out. Although the current amount of available tables for the 2UR is extensive.


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        Looking for progress on adding flags for stuff like burnout mode or launch control.

        Fueling is a PITA, but picking up bits and pieces from the other sub-forums.


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          New Tables being released for the Lexus RCF and GSF in vF Tuner include
          Cruise control Tables - tunable parameters
          Test tables for Steering Response control
          Additional AFR control tables
          Cranking IPW Tables and IPW adders
          and more

          Click image for larger version

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            Anything yet on LC500? Thanks for the continued work on finding more tables for us, on this platform (2ur)


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              Very good news! I've been waiting for the crank tables since January. Can't wait for the release!


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                Just updated to and don't see the new tables. Is there supposed to be an updated stock .vft file to go with it, or are the tables a software thing?


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                  Enjoying my still-stock 2018 RCF, and honestly replying on here just in case there's ever support for the new RCF ECUs, because I REALLY wanna start messing with this beautiful beast!


                  • Suckerpunch Motorsports
                    Suckerpunch Motorsports commented
                    Editing a comment
                    You may be able to go to a 2015/16 ecu, I know a friend of mine did his 2017 to 2016.

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                  No ability right now to do 2018s sorry.

                  The overall 2UR-GSE RCF/GSF support is limited to 4 ECU IDs and 2 model years until further notice.
                  and 1 model year LC500.